The Trondheim node

In the Trondheim node, the TEM activities within physical sciences are organized together in a Gemini Centre. The TEM Gemini Centre, founded in 2006, re-nominated in 2009, 2012 and 2015, consists of professors, postdocs, students and engineers at two departments at NTNU; the Department of Physics and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, as well as researchers at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Department of Materials and Nanotechnology. The TEM Gemini Centre research groups work within materials physics and science, studying a broad range of materials on the nanometer and atomic level.

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The overall objective of the TEM Gemini Centre which runs the NORTEM Trondheim node is to build and secure a robust scientific environment within TEM with high international quality as a sound basis for growth, not only for the Centre itself, but also for other parts of NTNU and SINTEF.





Today the Trondheim node has 3.4 university scientific staff, 5 SINTEF researchers, 3 engineers, 1 postdoc and 10 PhD canidates with TEM as their main activity.

In addition to users from the research groups, the microscopes are used in teaching exercises, by PhD students and postdocs from other departments and institutions, and for industrial contract research.



After the NORTEM microscopes were installed in 2013, the Centre has 5 TEMs, two specimen preparation rooms and a dedicated computer room for data processing. Over the last five years the Centre has published over 130 journal publications with TEM as a central technique. For more information on the activities of the TEM Gemini Centre


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The Oslo node

The main focus of the Oslo node is on materials and nano science. We use advanced transmission electron microscopy and modelling to unravel the structure of materials and their characteristics on the atomic level, for both conventional materials as well as nano materials. The lab and most of the offices are located in the Oslo Research park, but some of the permanent staff has offices also at Blindern. The group has well established collaborations with SINTEF, IFE and many institutions in Norway and abroad.



The node's infrastructure offers two transmission electron microscopes:



2 associate professors (one professor being hired), 2 senior researchers (SINTEF), 3 professors emeriti, 3 professors II (part-time), 2 engineers, 2 post-doc researchers, 9 Phd candidates, and 8 master students.


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Contact person UiO: Øystein Prytz

Contact person UiO: Anette Gunnæs

Contact person SINTEF: Spyridon Diplas

Contact person SINTEF: Annett Thøgersen

Contact person SINTEF: Patricia Carvalho

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