Research highlights


Light-metal alloys


Light Metal Alloys. Illustration Fast, automatic categorization of thousand of particles from SPED experiments using machine learning approaches [1].


In-situ microscopy


In-situ microscopy. Illustration Following metal-semiconductor interface reactions to deduce reaction kinetics and dynamics in nanostructures [2].


Renewable energy


Renewable energy. Illustration-graph Nanoscale measurement of optical band gap and conduction band plasmons in transparent conductive thin films [3].




Nanotechnology. Illustration

Counting every atom to reconstruct 3D shape of catalyst particles [4].

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[2] Fauske et al. Nano Lett. 16, 3051 (2016)
[3] Granerød et al. Phys. Rev. B 98, 115301 (2018)
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For specific TEM research activities at the two nodes see the research description at the Oslo node and Trondheim node.