Access and prices


Access to NORTEM infrastructure

Access to the NORTEM infrastructure is granted to users who either are trained to operate the microscopes themselves, or to users who hire operators through NORTEM. To get access – please follow the instructions given on the two nodes.


Access to the Trondheim node

TEM Gemini Centre access page


Access to the Oslo node

Accessing NORTEM at UiO


Price list

NORTEM use the total cost model with cost centres at each university. The table below shows the hourly rent prices (in NOK excl. VAT) for the different microscopes in NORTEM, Operator costs will come in addition.

Instrument Non-economic activity Economic activity
JEOL ARM200F (Trondheim) 1300 1950
FEI Titan G2 60-300 (Oslo) 1300 -
JEOL 2100F (Trondheim) 800 1000
JEOL 2100F (Oslo) 750 -
JEOL 2100 (Trondheim) 650 800


How to acknowledge NORTEM

By using any data from the NORTEM infrastructure you agree to the following guidelines:

  • NORTEM staff should be included as co-authors whenever they have made significant contributions to planning or realization of experiments, to specimen preparation or data interpretation and analysis. Please consult us if in doubt
  • Use of the NORTEM infrastructure should be acknowledged in publications for example as follows:
    The authors would like to acknowledge support from the Research Council of Norway through the Norwegian Center for Transmission Electron Microscopy, NORTEM (197405)